a simple song, written at an L.A. bus stop...
I wrote the first verse of this song at a bus stop in Los Angeles one evening. Then, uncharacteristically, I sang it on the bus! To my surprise, people smiled. The bus driver advised me to copyright it.

I wrote the second verse ("Peace is everywhere") on the next leg of my trip home, the Red Line metro train to North Hollywood. In the morning I woke up, realized that I had written a pretty nice little song, but only had two verses. So, while still lying there in bed, I wrote the third verse ("Joy is everywhere.")

I'm not a singer, and I don't play an instrument, but here's a recording of me singing it, just to give you an idea of the tune.

Soon I'll put up the story of what followed. But for now, please send me an email (below) if you like the song.

Heres' the first verse, just to give you an idea..